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Do you really want to know how we (women and men) feel and what we think? Infertility is a mountain of emotions that can come crumbling down at any moment. “Chronicles of an Empty Womb” stage play expresses the real and raw emotions that come with infertility. There are various stages of infertility that is not always talked about or shared. Infertility is not just a woman issue, which society has made it seem while men are quietly removed from the impact of it. Infertility is a human issue that men and women both experience in different ways.


This stage play will take you on an experience with infertility that will enlighten and bring awareness to its audience. The good, the bad, the inspiring, uplifting, and resilience of the human spirit that is rarely talked about or shared. It takes strong women to breathe through Infertility. It takes strong men to wipe his tears and the tears of their women. It will take the both of them continuing to pray and hope, that God will keep his promise.




Written & Directed by DCBTAF Alumni - SharRon N. Tyrell:

What inspired me to write this play was my unique journey of infertility. I Have been struggling with infertility for the past 5 years. So many times, it’s so private, but It’s time for us to speak out about it.  This play will uplift and bring joy to those suffering with infertility


B.W.I Productions:

Becoming Who I Am Productions is a company that prides itself for producing productions, that make people think and inspire them to become who they are. B.W.I productions is a faith-based company, that uses biblical principle to help people become who God intended them to be



Ticketing Information:

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019 @ Time: 5:00PM

Location: Anacostia Arts Center - 1231 Good Hope Road, SE Washington, DC