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DESTINATION LOVE is a silver- haired romance that proves love is an action word!! It twists and turns until it finds you; no matter your age, no matter your location!!


It could find you....on a PUBLIC BUS!! (it happens!!)


This family-friendly reading is sure to make you laugh, sigh and maybe renew your bus pass!!


Come join us!!









Meet DCBTAF Alumni June Johnson, ESQ:

June P. Johnson is the creative genius and founder of TrueBliss Television. As a practicing attorney in Washington, DC and former prosecutor for the City of Baltimore, June has witnessed the ugly side of life and frankly she had enough, and just like that TrueBliss Television was born!


TrueBliss is currently in its formative stages. It will be the premier destination for all things lighthearted and romantic. With the goal of allowing its viewers to momentarily escape from the harsh realities of everyday life,  there is ABSOLUTELY NO profanity or violence in any TrueBliss’ content. True Bliss Television portrays family friendly stories of love via many different mediums, including webisodes, stage plays, and of course online movies. Join us and Follow your Bliss!


Ticketing Information:

Date: Sunday - June 30, 2019 @ Time: 3:00PM

Location: THEARC Blackbox - 1801 Mississippi Ave, SE Washington, DC

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