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FINDING HER: Journeying into Womanhood

FINDING HER is a storytelling trilogy, written and spoken in the style of the fictional memoir, examining the life of a young girl coming of age and the women who nourished and struggled to bring her through. These stories represent the everyday Sheroes that may not receive the accolades, medals, awards of recognized warriors, but exemplify the strength, love, and courage embodied in every woman when need arises. In doing so, they find their greater purpose in those they serve and often save - including themselves.


TRILOGY: “Making Up”, “Daddy’s Girl”, “Dreams in the Rinse Cycle”



Master Storyteller, Performing Artist, Writer, Communicator

P.S. Perkins









Introducing P.S. Perkins


Pamela “P.S.” Perkins, storyteller, author, poet, thespian, dancer/choreographer, musician, theatrical consultant, re-enactor, entrepreneur - is passionate about WORD POWER. Currently, she consults as a Performing Arts/Edutainment Consultant through her firm the Human Communication Institute, LLC. She also teaches the Communication Behavioral Arts and Sciences in the DMV area at local colleges and youth programs. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and NYU’s schools of Speech and Theater and Dance, she has performed and taught in a variety of educational institutions and professional Community Theater’s throughout the U.S. and abroad. Prior to moving to 2014, she was a founding member of the Black Storytellers of San Diego, an affiliate of the National Black Storytellers Association. P.S. recently founded and is co-advisor/performer for the University of the District of Columbia Artist Collective, works with the newly-formed National Capitol Area Black Storytellers Association, and Writers on the Greenline, to name a few. A frequent contributor to local and national publications, P.S. lives to share the spoken and written word! P.S. has formed and directed several Performing Arts troupes and programs in various schools and communities throughout the U.S and abroad.

MOTTO: Be true to your WORD and it WILL be true to you!




Ticketing Information:

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019 @ Time: 3:00PM

Location: THEARC Blackbox - 1801 Mississippi Ave, SE Washington, DC