The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival and Adeleane Dixon

proudly presents


“Lord, When Will I Get My Rose?”

A Single Woman’s plea to God


You don't want to miss this heartfelt gospel stage play that tells the story of 30 year old Latisha Johnson, a single mother who is a very educated, successful, self sufficient, Christian woman and has grown weary with being alone. She spends all of her time raising her two sons, working in upper management at a very prominent

company and as the church clerk but she has come to a place in her life where she is ready to settle down and be married. Latisha is tired of waiting on the Lord for the spouse God has ordained for her and since God isn't moving fast enough, join us on June 29th at the 2019 DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival to see what the outcome is going to be when she takes matters into her own hands.

Again, you don't want to miss it!










Introducing Adeleane Dixon:


Adeleane Dixon has been a passionate writer since the age of 15 and is the founder of Morning Visions Productions Co in which she takes pride in introducing children and beginning actors to the performing arts. She fell in love with the theatre as she traveled nationally and internationally with her sister opera singer soprano, Cynthia Haymon. Traveling with Ms. Haymon  gave her the opportunity to witness the theater and the music world come together and birth world renown productions such as Porgy and Bess, Turandot, Carmen, La boheme and many others.


She is the writer, producer, director of the hit gospel stage play "The a Time Is Now; the play the will preach", a black history stage play “The Blood Crying From the Ground; A story of sacrifice from Slavery to Freedom” and her new stage play “Lord, when will I Get My Rose?  A single woman’s plea to God.”  Adeleane Dixon is also the co-author of 50 Shades of Change and author of “What happened to my Rock?” in which she tells the story of the emotional journey she experienced while caring for her parents who had Alzheimer's and Dementia. The book will be in bookstores in the Fall of 2019.


She is also an educator and one of her number one passion is teaching children with learning disabilities and special needs to read and not allow their challenges to keep them from succeeding in school and life



Ticketing Information:

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019

Time: 3:00PM

Location: THEARC main Stage - 1901 Mississippi Ave SE Washington, DC