The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival

proudly presents

Michael Colyar's Momma



This dramatic one-man stage show that chronicles the life of comedian Michael Colyar and highlights the importance of the love and support of his Mother as he traverses through a life filled with highs and lows. From his days of making people laugh on Venice Beach, to winning Star Search, to his ugly drug addiction and his triumphant return thanks to his Momma, God and the power of laughter. Michael’s life has taken him on a journey that he is now sharing with the world.


This is NOT a comedy show, but a dramatic look at his life with a whole lotta comedy in the mix. His goal is to share his story…and to show how through determination and hardwork you can come out on the other side and realize your dreams…especially if you keep God first.


Ticketing Information:

Date: Friday - June 28, 2019 @ Time: 9:00PM

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019 @ Time: 5:00PM

Date: Sunday - June 30, 2019 @ Time: 5:00PM

Location: THEARC Main Stage - 1901 Mississippi Ave, SE Washington, DC

Meet Mr. Michael Colyar:


From Venice Beach to Venice, Italy… He is Hard to Ignore and Impossible to Forget!

He is the multi-talented Michael Colyar, actor, comedian, and author. Michael is no stranger to work as he is still packing out shows in major cities night after night. His wit, charm and unique sense of style has been captivating audiences since the 80’s.


Michael consistently performed every weekend, 5 shows a day on Venice Beach and was rightfully dubbed the “King of Venice Beach” while performing 9 years straight.


His fans can’t get enough of him, “he’s real” “down to earth” “a giver”, they say. Michael’s philanthropic legacy extends beyond his $100K win from Star Search of which he gave 50% to the homeless. Today Michael still finds the time to share laughter with those in need in shelters, rehabilitation centers, schools, and military bases.


Michael Colyar is best known for his starring roles in Blackish, House Party III, Norbit, The Princess & The Frog, and his role as Mr. Whitaker on the hit television series “Martin”.


He is currently performing his one man play called “Michael Colyar’s Momma’s” and will be launching a 100 plus city tour that has caught the attention of major television, cable, and streaming networks.