Washington, DC is an incredibly unique and flourishing place with so much to offer – from history to the local sports to the growing business sector to the entertainment nightlife and so much more. The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival returns for the 10th year,  providing attendees with a one-of-a-kind experience filled with local cuisine, incredible art, festival workshops and live performances by some of the world’s best emerging artists.


-Join us -

for a truly unique 15-day cultural experience that combines not just national headlining Music Performers, but celebrates our talented homegrown Musicians, Artists and Poets as well. Come join these extraordinary ARTISTS as they share in the DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival's newest venture - The Lyricist List.

We are curious creatures, constantly seeking better ways to connect with people; constantly seeking better ways to add value to their lives and give back. We think about how people devour music, information, and new ideas and then go out into the world and plant the seeds of change. We are fans. Pure and simple. We are deeply enriched by the transformative effects of music and community. We are a community who, through music, seeks a deeper, richer, more inspired experience.


We are far more than a festival, we are a MOVEMENT!