The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival

proudly presents the ground breaking documentary

Prison to Home

The effects of re-entry after incarceration


This new documentary presents the insights of the formerly incarcerated, currently incarcerated, officers of the court, and more, to paint a rare 360-degree portrait of the causes of youth recidivism in America today. In their own words over 25 participants reveal the influences of Home Environment, Peer Pressure, Cultural Influence, Addiction, Illiteracy, Social Injustice, and the growth of the multi-billion dollar Prison Industrial Complex and the impact on today’s youth.


Many Whitehouse officials are pushing for criminal justice reform and reducing the prison population, particularly of non-violent offenders. “Prison to Home” is a documentary about the challenges faced by those affected. Those who are released from prison, currently incarcerated, families of the incarcerated, and those who have escaped through the open cracks of the “Prison to School Pipeline.”


“Prison To Home,” addresses many of the issues as to why so many of our youth are going in and out of the prison system while no one is addressing or attacking the issues early enough to avoid the problem - Prison. You’ll hear testimonials of what started criminal behaviors. You’ll hear resolutions that kept individuals from going down the wrong path as youths. Join in the conversation about this critical topic to push forward the resources required to reduce youth recidivism. We are each a Responsible Party and together we can change and save our children and our families by supporting initiatives to overcome these underlying issues.


The “Prison To Home,” documentary is a production of Three4Life created and directed by Bridgette Holmes and Doug Crisman. Three4Life is the Media Production arm of “Sistas For A Cure,” a non-profit Philadelphia based organization whose mission is to save one life and one community at a time. Sista For A Cure’s priority initiative is to launch resource centers focused on reducing youth recidivism starting in North Philadelphia in 2019 and support the evolution of similar resource centers across the United States.




Ticketing Information

Date: Sunday - June 30, 2019

Time: 1:00PM

Location: Anacostia Arts Center - 1231 Good Hope Road, SE Washington, DC