The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival



Scandalous is DCBTAF’s Adult Performance Series. It is a collection of romantic, erotic and seductive plays written by acclaimed playwrights, who set the mood for romance and passion by offering an introspective look into the emotions of love and lust.


Dedicated to creating work that smashes the traditional boundaries between theatre, dance, music and the visual arts, Scandalous is an art inspired erotic venue.


Whether it is erotic, exotic or mysterious, your imagination is all you need. Anything is possible; nothing is forbidden… within the limits of the law.


Come enjoy an evening filled with love, lust, romance and desire. It is a powerful progression that will expand your boundaries…come prepared to be stretched physically, vocally, mentally and emotionally!


Come, let yourself be seduced






The Scandalous Experience:

Scandalous is an hour-long immersive experience of seduction and sensuality. It is an opportunity to explore a world of awareness through interactive demos and displays. Come into our world of the Erotic Garden to experience a different side of intimacy brought to you with varied modalities that will tantalize all your senses. Roam from station to station and tour without pressure, fear or condemnation our scandalous exhibits. Feel uninhibited as you look on while masked (masks will be provided). Relax and enjoy one of our specialty COCKtails before the main event of the evening, the stage play "The Ass Chronicles" June 28th and "Passion At The Juke Joint" erotic arts showcase June 29th.



Click here ForThe Art of BDSMTicketsThe Art of Master BDSM

June 28, 2019 @ 7PM

Master is a word that you cannot use lightly when describing someone in life. There are many different types of Masters, I happen to be one who enjoys bringing a slave/sub to a space where they can be free. I am not here to destroy what little fabric you have left in your mind I am here for my entertainment. My entertainment is your benefit. I don't do just online play; my breath is to be felt on your skin. I am a connoisseur of life and a prodigy of experience. The only thing that separates me from most people is the fact that I will do it and I will own it. People don't understand that life is short, you have to enjoy it as much as you can and have as much fun as you can. "Lay the foundation for those who will follow and have them look past you."




The Ass ChroniclesClick here ForThe ass chronicles

Date: June 28, 2019 @ 9PM & June 29, 2019 @ 9PM

“Every Tail Has a Tale to Tell” is the motto of this full cast production of “The Ass Chronicles.” Written, produced and performed by Maryland-based playwright Empress J, directed by the renowned Stenice Reaves, "The Ass Chronicles" is a liberating, healing and comedic depiction of the struggles, loves and woes of women's lives through dealing with their "ass" against the world. Because of the writers' experiences, she wanted to share these stories with the world in hopes of encouraging women to embrace themselves, their unique body type and have a positive self-image. It has been coined as the “New Millennium For Colored Girls” and the "Sexy New Age Colored Museum." This piece speaks to women’s issues relevant to today nationally and globally especially in this time where media plays such an influential role in how the world pictures and embraces women, beauty and body-image. Empress J turns the subject matter that she is passionate about into brilliantly written pieces of work. She accomplishes this through provocative, seductive vignettes that will make you laugh, cry and think.




Click here ForPAssion at the Juke jointPassion At The Juke Joint

June 29, 2019 @ 9PM

Passion at the Juke Joint is a showcase of erotic performing arts. Join your host Ms. Millie at her Juke Joint as she brings you some steamy hot entertainers. This is not a show for the faint at heart. Come and enjoy comedy, burlesque, sultry singing and everything in between in this gritty little Juke Joint.










Ticketing Information:

Date: Friday - June 28, 2019  Time: 8:00PM

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019  Time: 8:00PM

Location: Anacostia Arts Center - 1231 Good Hope Road, SE Washington, DC