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Become a part of American history as it unfolds before your eyes... through a reporter's interview, Mr. Pierce pulls you into a riveting in-depth view of the life of Sojourner Truth, the first African American woman in the suffrage movement, abolitionist, and confidante to Abraham Lincoln. Begin to understand through Sojourner's unmitigated audacity to make things happen, the depth of her impact on the abolition of slavery, women's rights, prison reform, America and the world.


"Sojourner" takes a hard look at her life, not only as a woman, but as a slave. It also takes a compelling look at pre-civil war America and what led to the conflict. While this coming- of-age narrative is filled with acts of random horrific cruelty, it will at times make you laugh, then make you cry, force you to take a look at the morals, values and conditions that shaped America, and instill in you awe at Sojourner Truth's unwavering spirit to overcome and be moved to "sojourn for the truth... even to the ends of the earth."


"Based on the life and times of freedom fighter Sojourner Truth, this powerful story is told through the emotional testimony of versatile actress Zuhairah."                  --Kim Roberts, The Philadelphia Tribune.




DCBTAF & One Act Battle Winner - Zuhairah McGill:


Zuhairah originally hails from New York, NY, where she trained and studied under Ossie Davis, Barbara Ann Teer and Uta Hagen. She is the Founder and Producing Artistic Director of First World Theatre Ensemble, under which she has produced 25 plays and 5 world premieres, including Marsha Norman’s ‘Night Mother’ featuring an all black cast. She is also the Creative Artistic Director for the Master Griot Project, and was the Director in Residence at the Prince Music Theatre.



“Hairspray”, “West Side Story”, “Wade in the Water: A Katrina Drama”, “Say He Had More Than A Dream”, “For Colored Girls”, “Black Girl”, “From Ancient To Hip-Hop: The African Continuum”, “Eubie”, “Ain’t Misbehavin”, “The Cooling Board”, “Long Time Since Yesterday”, “Ushers”, “Day Of Absence”, “Before It Hits Home”, “Jena 1”, “My Name Is Sapphire…Damnit”, “First Breeze Of Summer”, “Night Mother”, “Blues For An Alabama Sky”, “Sister Sonja”, “Sisters Under The Rainbow”, “Tell Martha Not To Moan”, “Julius Caesar”, “He Calls Me Rib”, “Midsummer Night Dream”, “Ceremonies Of Old Dark Men”, “The Owl Killer”



-Barrymore Nomination for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Play for her one-woman performance in “Sojourner”.

-The Black Arts for Social Change Award,

-2012 Most Distinguished Director Award,

-D.C. Black Theatre Festival Excellence in Theatre Award. (3x)

-The 2015 Image Award


Zuhairah’s current projects include:

-“Race to the Stage” - a documentary film focusing on issues dealing with racism in theatre around people of color.

-“Castration of a Dark-Skin Woman” - a new piece which takes a look at genital mutilations on women in Africa and other countries.

-“State of Black Theatre” - a documentary film

-“The Burden” - a screenplay which deals with police brutality, with her new film company “Hands up Films”


Ticketing Information:

Date: Friday - June 21, 2019 @ Time: 7:00PM

Date: Tuesday - June 25, 2019 @ Time: 1:00PM

Date: Wednesday - June 26, 2019 @ Time: 1:00PM

Location: THEARC BLACKBOX - 1801 Mississippi Ave SE Washington, DC