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How do we handle the tears that reach our soul? Meaningful, gripping and heartrending, Tears of the Soul is a powerful stage drama that transports audiences back to 1968, known as the year that shattered America. The nation was at the height of the highly protested Vietnam war, black empowerment was on the rise with black militant groups struggling to understand their power. Racism and violence were rampant in the growing urban ghettos and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the prominent leader of the Civil Rights movement and non-violent protests met his violent demise on a Memphis balcony.  The Barnes family was touched by it all and life was extremely challenging, outside and inside of the home. Fred Barnes, employed as a city sanitation worker, was on strike to protest the unbelievably poor working conditions and he wrestles with the threat to his manhood. His dutiful wife Vivian struggles to keep it all together as she deals with her son missing in Vietnam and other divisive family issues.  Determined to keep her family together, mounting situations shake her to her core.  Meet this family and community as they encounter one of the worse days ever as tragedy collides with ideologies and each family member is forced to reevaluate their perspectives.


Playwright Angela Wilson’s ability to weave together a nostalgically poignant play about a family living through the turbulent unrest in 1968 is skillful and passionate.   Sure to become an unquestionable audience favorite, you don’t want to miss this stunning performance!




Meet the Playwright - Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson loves telling stories!  She loves telling borne out of her cultural experience and the complex journeys of people whose life experiences result in human triumphs. Her stories are not about well-known people who are mentioned and written about in the pages of history but of ordinary people, families and friends who could be anyone.  Most of her plays are based on true events.  “There is enough drama in everyday life, I never have to totally make things up” she states.


In her latest work, Tears of the Soul, Angela’s ability to weave together a nostalgically poignant play about a family living through the turbulent unrest in 1968 is skillfully highlighted.  People will relate to each and every character as a reflection of themselves.


Angela has had a successful career in Human Resources for over 20 years, possessing an MS in Organization and Human Resource Development and a BS in Business.  She has been a performer for most of her life and she has been writing, producing and directing for over 20 years. In 2015, after being inspired to step out on faith and pursue the passion that was instilled in her, Angela founded The AngelWing Project, Inc. to bring her stories to the community.  She states, “every time I assemble a cast for a play, I can’t describe the feeling that I get.  There is nothing like that feeling that you are really doing the right thing at the right time. I now know what it feels like to see your dreams realized.


Through the performances of the AngelWing Project, Angela seeks to educate, entertain and empower people of all races with a better understanding of the significance and value of every human being.  She wants them to walk away from her productions inspired to make the world a better place.  For more information on the AngelWing Project, please visit




Ticketing Information:

Date: Sunday - June 23, 2019 @ Time: 7:00PM

Location: THEARC Blackbox - 1801 Mississippi Ave SE Washington, DC