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THE COLORED MUSEUM has electrified, discomforted, and delighted audiences of all colors, redefining our ideas of what it means to be black in contemporary America. Its eleven “exhibits” undermine black stereotypes old and new and return to the facts of what being black means. Although funny on its surface, The Colored Museum attempts to engross black and white audiences as witnesses, accomplices and participants in the proceedings. The characters, as prized vessels, display their timeworn layers when they pour out their fears, loathing and pain to be absorbed by visitors to The Colored Museum.





About the O'Pharrow Theatre:


A.N.O. Productions is a multimedia company founded by Adriane N. O’Pharrow which consists of divisions in the performing arts including but not limited to: Music, Dance, Film, and Theatre. The company’s motto, “Artistic expression prohibits any form of oppression” signifies that creativity and determination are the key elements in making something great. The artists of the company are given the freedom to use their creativity and determination in order to represent A.N.O. to the best of their ability. In the words of Raymond M. O’Pharrow, “This is a PRODUCTION!”



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Date: Saturday & Sunday- July 1 & 2, 2017

Time: 5:00pm (Both Performances)

Location: Anacostia Arts Center - 1231 Good Hope Road SE, Washington, DC