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Church will never be the same after you witness this gospel comedy! Theatre Meets the Church puts your favorite—well, at least interesting--characters you know and want to love, on blast!  What happens when a theatre group rehearses at a new church? This comedy play explodes with the gospel truth!


Brenda is an aspiring playwright who seeks rehearsal space to fulfill her dream of producing her first play.  Pastor Gilyard of the Abundant Heartfelt Christians Church is a kind-hearted community supporter who loves the arts.  Brenda reaches out to Pastor Gilyard, and he welcomes Brenda and her gifted theatre group to the church.  Laughter prevails as the theatre group members share space with the unpredictable, close-knit church family.  The order-conscious church secretary, meddling maintenance man, reigning first lady, and lively minister of music are just a few of the characters the unsuspecting theatre members encounter.  When the members get involved in the church’s activities, all (opposite of heaven) breaks loose! A well-intentioned theatre member adds to the craziness as he tries to adjust to the ways of the church. His friends are supportive, but the church members only give him shade.


Praise team rehearsal and church announcements take on a whole new meaning!  Theatre Meets the Church is real good comedy--with a message.  Will you witness yourself or someone you know?  Let’s say it together, church—yes you will!  The seats are open--won’t you just come?!


Meet DCBTAF Alumni Nanette Marie:


Nanette Marie is a playwright, author, producer, director and voiceover artist. Her first play, Mamas’ Drama, adapted from the book by the same title, has been performed to audiences nationally since 2011. Suzette's Saga, the second play from her book, has been read and performed nationally as well. Nanette Marie feels divinely ordered to write her plays and this book, and hopes her healing messages make a positive difference for those who read and view her work. Nanette Marie has given many years to the community with various social service agencies and in corporate America, and is grateful to be living her purpose and sharing these works of love. She has held memberships in the Authors Guild, Dramatists Guild and the Urban Playwrights United organizations. Nanette Marie wrote and recorded a lullaby in the “Grandma and Me” book series. She is the proud mother and grandmother. She believes in and lives her mother's mantra--“Life is just what you make it!” Nanette Marie feels that you should treat yourself--and somebody else--real good!






Ticketing Information:

Date: Saturday - June 22, 2019

Time: 5:00PM

Location: Anacostia Playhouse - 2020 Shannon Place SE Washington, DC