Emmy Nominated Actress Tia Dae! Dae emerged from the eclectic world of Washington, DC, in which she was born and raised, as a true artist and entertainer. Making her mark in both theater and music, Dae’s talents are limitless.


As a musical artist Dae’s singer/songwriter credits span two decades. She started her singing career at five years old in the living room of her grandmother’s home singing covers for family and friends. She later developed her own unique sound described as Neo Soul, Funk, Rock and R&B, with a smooth taste of Jazz, which earned her numerous awards and nominations and a 2-year record contract with Bright Vision Entertainment in 2007. She has since independently released several records including her more recent hits, Insomnia (2014) released on ITunes and DAE Collections (2015) her sophomore album. At the top of 2017 Dae released her new dance hit, Bring out the Love, available (s://.cdbaby/cd/tiadae12). She can currently be seen performing her high energy shows live every 3rd Thursday at Nipsey’s in Upper Marlboro, MD.


Dae’s commanding and unique stage presence has earned her roles in numerous productions, including films such as THICK, Dead Money, In One Day, Anacostia; television appearances on VEEP and House of Cards, and stage plays namely Let’s Make an Arrangement, Death at the Prom, Last Call, Winter in Washington and many more. Whether she is the lead or a supporting cast member Dae is always unforgettable. (Tia Dae, the lead actor playing the role of "Theresa St. James", in the movie “THICK” gives a performance that immediately grabs you and doesn't let go. She really fills the screen with her icy-cold demeanor.). A seasoned actress, be it drama or comedy, Dae shines in all genres. In 2015 she joined the ranks of exclusive Emmy Nominated actors for her role in the highly acclaimed ensemble cast of Anacostia now in its 5th season.

Ticketing Information:  Two Shows!

Date: Thursday - June 27, 2019 @ Time: 9:00PM

Location: Anacostia Playhouse - 2020 Shannon Place SE Washington, DC


Date: Wednesday - July 3, 2019 @ Time: 9:00PM

Location: Anacostia Arts Center - 1231 Good Hope Road SE Washington, DC