Performing Fusion Theatre

proudly presents

Touching Myself: An Ode to Audre Lorde

by Ayshia E. Stephenson



Audre Lorde states erotic satisfaction is possible in every aspect of life. In “Touching Myself: An Ode to Audre Lorde,” two American women see this possibility when they look at each other. Yet, amidst a political environment of intense racial injustice and bigotry -- one of them feels safer than the other. What does it really mean to be an ally? The two women drink, dance and enjoy each other’s company until this question arises and things explode.


Performing Fusion Theatre’s mission is to promote multiculturalism by producing work that showcases multicultural talent, provides a space for shared culture through the integration of other art forms, and unifies members of the greater Boston community by exposing them to a creative atmosphere which idealizes cultural pluralism and equality. A crucial element to the realization of Performing Fusion's mission is to encourage intercultural dialogue between all members of the community, while actively giving a voice to our underrepresented members, including women and people of color, and those of the LGBT, disabled, foreign born, and/or otherwise politically alienated identities. Performing Fusion will stage transformative theatre that fosters intercultural value, acceptance and openness to understanding our differences. Our theatre will encourage work which may embody history, but speaks to issues currently affecting the intercultural community.

Ticketing Information:

Date: Wednesday - July 3, 2019 @ Time: 9:00PM

Date: Friday - July 5, 2019 @ Time: 7:00PM

Location: THEARC Blackbox - 1801 Mississippi Ave, SE Washington, DC