Date: Saturday - June 22, 2019

Time: 2:30PM

Location: THEARC Community Room: 1901 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC


From her own personal experiences, stories that tie into each chapter, Stina Aleah created a workshop that provides the fundamentals to starting a business, and operating successfully. Stina Aleah weaves knowledge and wit together to create a rare gem. Artists of all mediums are able to take this knowledge to develop a successful brand and business. From your vision, and business name, to branding, and brand identity, Stina's wealth of knowledge is limitless not only as a visual artist, but multi-business owner. This Workshop is a direct reflection of her ability to create a successful business, and become a brand. If your desire is to accomplish the same, this WORKSHOP is for you!

So You Want to Make a Film?

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019

Time: 3:30PM

Location: THEARC Theater: 1901 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC


A general overview of the things it takes to make your first short film from Pre-production, Production to Post-Production. Making a film from a small budget to a large budget. Learning some useful tips that can help you get your film project started and successfully completed.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned professional, an emerging filmmaker, or a beginner, this workshop offers a range of imformation on the industry filmmaking.

What Not to do When Making a Film

Date: Saturday - June 29, 2019

Time: 1:30PM

Location: THEARC Theater: 101 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC


Let's talk about what can happen on a film set and how to handle the  obstacles that you may face. Also how to avoid nightmares happening during shooting your first, second or third film.  We will go over the important things to have in place to assure that you can have a successful film production.


Date: Friday, Saturday & Sunday - June 28, 28 & 30, 2019

Time: 1PM

Location: THEARC West Blackbox: 1801 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC


The Ragbaby Exchange provides an innovative approach to building self-esteem with continuous workshops using doll making as the vessel. The program takes deliberate steps in a process of discovery to bring a sense of acceptance of one’s emotional well-being and inner beauty. Each step in making your fabric doll has been coordinated with self-esteem building lessons. The Ragbaby Exchange furthers the self-esteem program by teaching about diversity in other cultures and nations with it's exchange program. Helping others to discover the beauty of diverse cultures and people.