all about us

The Center for Black Arts and Culture (parent company of the DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival) is not-for-profit, educational theatre company known for quality productions depth and diversity. Founded in 1986 for the purpose of educational and performing arts theatre. CBAC prides itself on building excellence community and educational programs that teach, entrain and enlighten.

CBAC is committed to producing both new and classic works, giving full voice to a wide range of artists and visions. CBAC’s mission; to create a diverse group of outstanding theater artists whose distinctive visions will give an artistic identity of uncommon richness and variety to all performances, for all people.


CBAC dedicates itself to three guiding principles — quality, diversity,  and  community. The Center for Black Arts and Culture seeks to be the premier cultural organization in DC providing productions and programs that make an essential contribution to the quality of life in our city, and worldwide. This is why we created the DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival.


The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival is a self-producing festival, where established and emerging artists can present their work. For some, applying is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create, produce and perform a show. DCBTAF strives to encourage Artists in our Festival to give expression to their talents and develop their artistic freedom: without any barriers between their work and the audience. We want to empower the artists in our Festival to continue on as successful, independent producers and artist.