Starz Academy Summer Workshop -Click Here to-Register Now

Multiple Dates: June 25 - August 13, 2020 (Tuesday & Thursday) @ Time: 3:00PM EDT



Starz Fashion Academy is South Florida's best fashion and fine arts program for young adults! Our program includes instruction in fashion & design and acting. We teach techniques on sketching, design & sewing skills, styling, posing, runway walk & production, script-reading, auditioning, etc. Our students participate in many events that take place in and around the city, including the spectacular Fashion Designers Expo in Miami! We offer year-round instruction and prepare our students for print and television work. Whether it's for fun or professional work, Starz Academy provides an interactive experience and creates a pathway to the world of arts and entertainment!





Theater Workshop -Click Here to-Register Now

Multiple Dates: June 30 - August 13, 2020 (Tuesday & Thursday) @ Time: 1:00PM - 1:45PM



An engaging and interactive online theatre workshop. Using the plays of African American playwrights James Baldwin and August Wilson, this virtual theatre workshop will guide participants in learning theatrical elements including character development, contextualizing a setting, creating and perfecting monologues, and choreographing thematic dance pieces. The culminative and final activity will include performance pieces from participants in the form of a monologue or choreography which will be included in a private YouTube Playlist for all to see. After registering for the workshop(s), a Google Meet link will be sent to you of where the workshop(s) will take place.






 -Click Here to-Register NowVolatile Space: The fundamentals of dialogue & location in playwriting

Date: Thursday, 2 July 2020 @ Time 5:00PM



Join Inua Ellams for a structured yet scattershot-workshop on generating epic stories from our names, the inner workings of dialogue, and how space and setting can dramatically change and elevate even the most mundane topic for a play.

This masterclass will explore the fundamentals of dialogue and location, which are crucial in understanding how and why drama in theatres works.


About Inua Ellams

Born in Nigeria, Inua Ellams is a poet, playwright & performer, graphic artist & designer. He is a Complete Works poet alumni and facilitates workshops in creative writing where he explores reoccurring themes in his work - Identity, Displacement and Destiny - in accessible, enjoyable ways for participants of all ages and backgrounds.  His plays include Black T-shirt Collection, The 14th Tale, Barber Shop Chronicles, The Half-God of Rainfall and Three Sisters, published by Oberon. He is the founder of Midnight Run (an arts-filled, night-time, urban walking experience), The Rhythm and Poetry Party (The R.A.P Party) which celebrates poetry & hip hop, and Poetry + Film / Hack (P+F/H) which celebrates Poetry & Film.


 -Click Here to-Register NowHow I came to start a career as an African theatre practitioner

Date: Thursday, July 9 2020 @ Time: 8:00PM EDT



Alex Oma-Pius FRSA holds MA degree in Dramatic Arts from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. His love of Theatre-in-Education as a force for social change, encouraged him to form IROKO Theatre Company in 1996.


IROKO Theatre are winners of The Guardian Charity award ‘for innovative approach to education’.  The company uses African theatre art forms to enhance learning, skills, health and wellbeing of people of all backgrounds and abilities.  Alex is responsible for conceiving, developing and producing all IROKO’s creative work.  As a facilitator and community theatre director, his work includes creative curriculum projects in primary and secondary schools and professional development programs for teachers and drama tutors.  Recent productions and performances include site-specific pieces in museums and heritage centers.  He is a visiting lecturer in various universities in Britain and abroad, introducing students to African Theatre and Storytelling as part of their World Theatre Studies programs.


Alex has worked and continues to work as a Consultant for renowned British institutions like the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company, The British Museum and the Museum of London where he is a freelance tutor on Object Handling.


 -Click Here to-Register NowImprov Theatre For Social Change: Bullying/Discrimination

Date: Tue, July 21, 2020 @ Time: 7:00PM EDT



Theatre for Social Change is improv theatre in which communities explore ways to actively create positive change in the world around them.

About this Event

In these courses, participants will strengthen team building and conflict resolution skills through uninhibited creative self expression. We use writing, voice, movement, and scene building exercises to dialogue about issues chosen by the group for further exploration, based off a broad theme. This week’s theme: Bullying/Discrimination.


This event takes place online via WebEx. To register or for any questions, please email Admission is Pay-What-You-Can, Suggested Donation $20 to Write to be Scene, a not-for-profit theater for social change benefiting youths in Central Florida.  Venmo #writetobescene CashApp $writetobescene




-Click Here to-Register NowTalk To Me

Multiple Dates: Tue, July 21, 2020 @ Time: 7:00PM EDT



An evening of terse and trenchant monologues performed by members of ACTING OUT – a professional acting company of formerly incarcerated men.

Featuring: Gilfredo (Fox) Valentin, Mock, Labre Fulcher, Chris (Thurtiiiin) Lee, Sam Johnson, Herman (Wage) Thomas, Elijah (Esco) Scott, Luis Moran, Ron Horton, Tyshawn “Young Rose” Rose, Taharqa Osiris Ramses, Jason (Santo) Morales, Damien Walker, Louis D. Rodriguez


Conceived by: Richard Hoehler

Directed by: Richard Hoehler and Francesca Ferrara

Presented by: HB Studio (an open workshop)


This is a private event held online via Zoom. A password is required.


Information on how to login will be available to registered attendees at the online event page and through the order summary. Please check your order confirmation email to access this information.


“So profound and wrenching that they will stop you in your tracks with their glory!” - Oscar and Tony Award Winning Actor, Mercedes Ruehl