The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival proudly presents the long awaited Rashida Strober's - A Dark Skin Woman's Revenge. As Djoma Legend, Rashida Strober brilliantly brings to life the story of what its really like to be dark skinned. For Djoma, its always been hell being dark skinned! From family, to school to relationships, Djoma has always been the black and ugly one. It pains her to watch her dark skinned friends & family struggle with darkism. Disgusted, Djoma decides that someone has to pay. Find out what happens when a dark skinned woman gets fed up with darkism!


Rashida Strober always wanted to be an actor, but when she little, her family told her she was too “black and ugly.”


Strober didn’t listen, but the words were hurtful and her life became a struggle. She was homeless in her teenage years, a situation she attributed to a dysfunctional home life. She eventually dropped out of school but still believed in her abilities, in part, thanks to a teacher that told her she was smart and beautiful.


She got her G.E.D., a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s degree. Then she wrote a play that incorporated the pain she felt when being singled out for being too dark-skinned to be pretty or successful.


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Rashida plays five different characters in her play.


"They are all very distinctly different women," said Strober. "There is a church going lawyer, a professional athlete’s wife and a mentally ill-prostitute in the mix." They all shared one thing in common with their creator: their color. "So like for example me growing up I was always called like I said, black and ugly." Strober said. "This dark skin tone, was bad to a lot of people but not everyone. But it's like the elephant in the room in the room in the African American community that people don't really talk about it."


Strober hopes her play will help to open the discussion about color in the African-American community. "We need to love and accept all shades and all colors” said Strober.


We are honored to host Rashida Strober at the 2017 DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival.